by vesa@trackcc.orgFriday, October 10, 2014 11:54 AM

If your students don’t yet have email addresses, you can create non-email TrackCC accounts for your students as follows.  This feature requires the Teacher PRO subscription.


Single-teacher schools:


1. Sign in to the TrackCC app with your teacher account

2. Tap the "Settings" toolbar icon

3. In the "Student info options", set "Non-email accounts = On"

4. Set the default password for all accounts

  - The suggested password is 'trackcc'

  - You can edit the default password

5. The student account is in the form
  - 1234 is the unique numeric identifier for your school term
  - While the accounts look like email addresses, they can’t be used for email

6. After signing in, the student must change the password
  - The app will prompt the student for a new password (min 6 characters)
  - If the student forgets own password, you can reset it back to the default

7. With non-email accounts, students can view the same data as the parent

  - Attendance status & student notes

  - Behavior points & student notes

  - Grading data & student notes

  - Class notes

8. If you want to disable non-email access to all students

  - Simply set "Non-email accounts = Off"

9. If you want to disable non-email access to a specific student

  - Change the default password to something the student does not know

  - Reset the password for the specific student via the "Student Info" panel


Multi-teacher schools:


1. Navigate to Administrators / My administrator account

2. Click on the "School settings" menu button

3. Set "Non-email accounts = Yes"

4. Click on the "Save changes" menu button

5. Then click on the "Student contacts" menu button

6. Click on the "Non-email account" check box

    - To turn on for everyone, click on the "Non email accocunts" on the column header

    - Or select just the students to whom you want to enable the non-email accounts

7. Click on the "Save changes" menu button