by vesa@trackcc.orgFriday, October 10, 2014 11:54 AM

If your students don’t yet have email addresses, you can create non-email TrackCC accounts for your students as follows.  This feature requires the Teacher PRO subscription.


1. Sign in to the TrackCC app with your teacher account

2. Tap the "Settings" toolbar icon

3. In the "Student info options", set "Non-email accounts = On"

4. Set the default password for all accounts

  - The suggested password is 'trackcc'

  - You can edit the default password

5. The student account is in the form
  - YYYY is the year school year ends (e.g. 2017 for school year 2016-2017)
  - T stands for "Teacher"

  - ID is your unique teacher ID for TrackCC
  - While the accounts look like email addresses, they can’t be used for email

6. After signing in, the student must change the password
  - The app will prompt the student for a new password (min 6 characters)
  - If the student forgets own password, you can reset it back to the default

7. With non-email accounts, students can view the same data as the parent

  - Attendance status & student notes

  - Behavior points & student notes

  - Grading data & student notes

  - Class notes

8. If you want to disable non-email access to all students

  - Simply set "Non-email accounts = Off"

9. If you want to disable non-email access to a specific student

  - Change the default password to something the student does not know

  - Reset the password for the specific student via the "Student Info" panel