by vesa@trackcc.orgSaturday, November 03, 2018 02:10 PM

Until Teacher SCHOOL becomes available in early 2019, it is possible to achieve close to the same functionality using the Teacher PRO version.  Let’s use an example where the administrator wants to get a real-time view of attendance data that’s recorded by 4 different teachers.

1. The admin creates five Teacher PRO accounts:   
   - Four Teacher PRO accounts, one for each teacher
   - One Teacher PRO account for the admin
   - The account creation and the PRO upgrade are easiest to do on the TrackCC website
   - The admin account does not need to have any classes / students

2. The admin sets up the accounts on behalf of the teachers:
   - The admin signs into the teacher’s account on the TrackCC website
   - The admin creates a class & shares the class with the admin account
   - The admin uploads the students by cllicking Students / Add students / Add students from file
   - The admin sets up the “Teacher settings” to e.g. just “Attendance = Yes"
   - The admin customizes the attendance items per school standards
   - The admin sets up the statistics periods (optional) 

3. The admin then invites the teachers to TrackCC with these instructions:
   - Download the TrackCC app from Google Play or Apple App Store
   - Start the TrackCC app
   - Tap “Sign in as a Teacher” / “Sign in to TrackCC"
   - Enter your email address and temporary password (created by admin)
   - After signing in, tap “My account” to change password
   - Tap “Attendance” to record the students as present or absent 

4. Steps for the admin to view attendance in real time:
   - On the TrackCC app:
        - Tap “Sign in as a Teacher” / “Sign in to TrackCC"
        - Enter the admin account email & password
        - Tap the “Select teacher” toolbar icon
        - Select the teacher from the list
        - Tap “Attendance” to view recorded attendance for today
        - Tap “Refresh data” to update the attendance data in real time   
    - On the TrackCC website:
        - Sign in using the email address & password for the admin account
        - Select Teachers / Colleague classes
        - Click on the teacher / Attendance to view recorded attendance
        - Click on the browser’s “Refresh” button to update the attendance data in real time 

The Teacher SCHOOL version will permit the admin to view attendance status on a single consolidated page - whereas the Teacher PRO requires each teacher’s data to be viewed on a separate page.  The Teacher SCHOOL version allows the admin to setup everything under the admin account - and automates the invitation emails for the teachers, whereas each of the Teacher PRO accounts have to be setup separately.