by vesa@trackcc.orgSaturday, September 06, 2014 07:35 PM

The "I Can" statements are a "kid-friendly" rewording of the Common Core standards text.  The official standards use some words that are difficult for students, parents and sometimes even teachers to understand - the "I Can" statements simply rephrase the standard text using terminology that's easier for the younger students to follow.  Each "I Can" statement starts with "I Can" (hence the name!) which makes it clear to students what they're expected to know and master.


The "I Can" statements were created by two elementary school teachers from Fishers, Indiana - Cathy Henry and Jill McEldowney - who used them first for their own 2nd and 3rd grade classes, then decided to share them with other teachers via their website, www.curriculumcorner.com and to cover all grades through middle school.  Trackcc.org licensed the "I Can" statements for use on our own website and our TrackCC app.




1. The "I Can" statements are offered for grades K-6 - with grades 7 & 8 coming soon.
2. Spanish translations of the "I Can" statements are offered for grades K-4 - with grades 5-8 coming soon.
3. The website and the app can be configured to use either the Common Core standard text, or the "I Can" statements.