TrackCC is the definitive class management tool
for teachers, students and parents
  • Record daily attendance
  • Customize 4 attendance types
  • View attendance history by student
  • Share recorded attendance with students and parents
  • Record daily behavior
  • Customize up to 12 behavior types
  • View behavior history by student
  • Share recorded behavior with students and parents
  • Record daily grades
  • Customize up to 12 assignment types
  • View grading history by student
  • Share recorded grades with students and parents
  • Record daily class notes
  • Customize class notes with a photo
  • View class notes history by date
  • Share daily class notes with students and parents
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TrackCC is designed for you if you are a teacher, and:
  • You need a FREE app to record class attendance, behavior, or grading
  • You need an easy method to share the data with parents
  • You are looking for a way to make class communications more efficient
  • You want a tool that has an automatic multi-device sync and cloud backup

TrackCC also supports tracking students' progress for
the Common Core standards (in the USA)
Common core