TrackCC for Administrators
View & edit daily class activity as it happens
  • View data in real time as recorded by your teachers
  • View attendance data by teacher, by class, by student
  • Only the administrator can add / delete students or student info
  • Teachers can record daily attendance, behavior, grading
  • Teachers can create daily student notes & class notes
  • You as the administrator can also edit & modify data
Analyze student & class data recorded by teachers
  • View student history & statistics in any class by any teacher
  • Analyze class statistics by any teacher
  • Export class data as CSV files
  • View statistics by student or by class
  • View statistics by teacher
  • View statistics across teachers
Steps how to use TrackCC
  • Activate your free Administrator account
  • Create your students, classes and teachers via file upload
  • Customize the TrackCC functions your school will use
  • Purchase the School PRO licenses for your teachers
  • Teachers will download the app & sign into their School PRO account
  • Thereafter the teachers can start recording class data