TrackCC for Administrators
View daily class activity by teacher
  • View (but not modify) daily class data
  • Attendance details
  • Behavior points
  • Grading scores
  • Class notes
  • Multiple teachers can invite you as an administrator
  • You get view-only access to the teacher data
View aggregated statistics (coming soon)
  • Create your own periods / date ranges for statistics
  • View statistics for attendance, behavior or grading
  • View statistics for a single class or teacher
  • View statistics across multiple classes or teachers
How to use TrackCC - It’s FREE for now
  • No cost while the administrator features are under development
  • Create an account on
  • Ask your teachers to add your account as an administrator
  • You’ll get read-only access to the teacher account
  • Plus you’ll be able to create statistics across all the data