TrackCC for Students
Check your own performance in real time
  • When your teacher
    • Marks you as Present / Absent / Tardy
    • Assigns behavior points for you
    • Grades homework, a quiz, or an exam
    • Adds comments about you
    • When the teacher writes the daily class notes
  • Get notified instantly via app or email
View & analyze your own data
  • Access Attendance / Behavior / Grading history by date
  • View Attendance / Behavior / Grading statistics by period
  • Check past student notes via a calendar
  • Check past class notes via a calendar
  • View student reports
How to use TrackCC - It's FREE
  • Install the TrackCC app on your iOS, macOS or Android device
  • Use the TrackCC website on Windows
  • Create a student account on the app
  • Ask the teacher to invite you to view your data
  • Set your own preferred notifications