TrackCC for Teachers
Record daily class activity as it happens
  • Attendance
    • Mark students as Present / Absent / Tardy
    • Add daily attendance notes per student
  • Behavior
    • Assign your student behavior points
    • Add daily behavior notes per student
  • Grading
    • Record homework, quiz or exam grades
    • Add daily grading notes per student
  • Student notes
    • Write daily student notes
    • Add color by inluding a daily photo
  • Class notes
    • Can be used for homework assignments, school activity reminders etc.
    • Add color by inluding a daily photo
View & analyze recorded data
  • Create periods (date ranges) for statistics
  • Access Attendance / Behavior / Grading / Student notes / Class notes history by date
  • View Attendance / Behavior / Grading statistics by period
  • Search for past student notes & class notes
  • View & share student reports (coming soon)
    • Statistics by period
    • All recorded data with date & timestamp
How to use TrackCC
  • Install the TrackCC app on your iOS or Android device
  • Use the TrackCC website for Mac & Windows
  • Create a teacher account on the app
  • Add your classes and students
  • Invite parents and students to have access to your student data
  • Customize your own Attendance / Behavior / Grading types
  • Start recording Attendance / Behavior / Grading
  • Add class notes to remind parents and students of upcoming events
  • Write private notes to parents and students
  • Invite your students & parents to have real-time access to the recorded data
Teacher subscription packages
Subscription type Teacher SOLO Teacher PRO School ATTENDANCE(1) School PRO(1)
School type Single teacher Single- or multi Multi-teacher Multi-teacher
Attendance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Behavior Yes Yes No Yes
Grading Yes Yes No Yes
Student notes Yes Yes No Yes
Student reports(3) Yes Yes No Yes
Class notes Yes Yes No Yes
Setup and customization by(4) Teacher Teacher Admin Admin
Access via TrackCC website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access via TrackCC app Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic cloud backup & sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max devices (iOS or Android)(2) 1 5 5 / teacher 5 / teacher
Max classes(2) 5 50 50 / teacher 50 / teacher
Max students(2) 50 500 500 / teacher 500 / teacher
Parent notifications(3) App App, Email App, Email App, Email
Non-email student accounts No Yes No Yes
Web-based email tool(3) No Yes No Yes
Student homework upload storage(3) No Yes(1 GB) No Yes(1 GB)
Share teacher data in real time No
Yes(view access by colleague)
Yes(full access by admin)
Yes(full access by admin)
Export teacher data as CSV Per class Per class Multiple
classes / teachers
classes / teachers
Statistics Per class Per class Multiple
classes / teachers
classes / teachers
Pricing 1st year FREE, then
USD $20 / year
USD $35 / year USD $25 /
teacher / year
USD $50 /
teacher / year

(1) School PRO and School ATTENDANCE are coming soon. All School subscriptions will be purchased by the administrator setting up the classes & students.
(2) If you need more than 5 devices, 50 classes, or 500 students then create multiple teacher accounts.
(3) Email notifications, web-based email tool, and student homework upload tool are all coming soon.
(4) Admin functions include account creation, student & class addition, customization, and parent contacts.