TrackCC for Teachers
Record daily class activity as it happens
  • Attendance
    • Mark students as Present / Absent / Tardy
    • Add daily attendance notes per student
  • Behavior
    • Assign your student behavior points
    • Add daily behavior notes per student
  • Grading
    • Record homework, quiz or exam grades
    • Add daily grading notes per student
  • Student notes
    • Write daily student notes
    • Add color by including a daily photo
  • Class notes
    • Can be used for homework assignments, school activity reminders etc.
    • Add color by including a daily photo
  • Calendar
    • Create events per-class, or per-school
    • Add notes, location & image
  • Timed activity
    • Record times for class activities
    • Examples: timed exam, bathroom break
View & analyze recorded data
  • Create periods (date ranges) for statistics
  • Access Attendance / Behavior / Grading / Student notes / Class notes history by date
  • View Attendance / Behavior / Grading statistics by period
  • Search for past student notes & class notes
  • View & share student reports
    • Statistics by period
    • All recorded data with date & timestamp
How to use TrackCC
  • Install the TrackCC app on your iOS, macOS or Android device
  • Use the TrackCC website for Windows
  • Create a teacher account on the app
  • Add your classes and students
  • Invite guardians / advisors and students to have access to your student data
  • Customize your own Attendance / Behavior / Grading types
  • Start recording Attendance / Behavior / Grading
  • Add class notes to remind guardians / advisors and students of upcoming events
  • Write private notes to guardians / advisors and students
  • Invite your students & guardians / advisors to have real-time access to the recorded data