Steps to setup your school

  1. Activate yourself as a school administrator
    • Navigate to Administrators / My administrator account
    • Create yourself an account unless you already have one
    • Click on the Activate School FREE button
  2. Add your students, classes and teachers
    • This step is easiest to do in a single step via file upload
    • Download the sample school file to get the correct column headers
    • Or, add the data manually, and then assign students to classes and classes to teachers
  3. Customize your school setup
    • Click on “School settings” to decide which TrackCC features your school will use
    • Click on “Customize school” to edit the default attendance, behavior and grading legends
    • Click on “Statistics periods” to define date ranges for creating statistics by week, month, semester
  4. School FREE includes all features, but is limited to max 10 students
    • You can test everything with no time limit before upgrading to School PRO
    • Click on “Teacher activation” to send an email invitation to your teachers
    • An account is created for the teacher if none exists
    • Click on “School subscription” to learn about pricing and how to purchase licenses
  5. Instructions for your teachers
    • Install the TrackCC app for iOS, macOS or Android, or go to the TrackCC website
    • Sign in with the email address & default password in the invitation
    • You will be asked to choose your own password the first time you sign in
    • The app will then automatically download the school data assigned to the teacher
    • Thereafter the teacher can start recording attendance, behavior or grading