Privacy Policy

Effective May 15, 2016

Our commitment to privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We will never give access to information you’ve entered to anyone you have not specifically authorized. We will never sell your information, including the demographic data that you may collect for your own purposes. Your information is accessible only by you and those you have invited to have access to your data.

Information you enter when using TrackCC

This notice applies to all information submitted on the TrackCC app and website. You are asked to enter personal information when create your student, guardian / advisor or teacher account. The types of personal information entered may include:

Email address
Photo (optional)
Birth date (optional)
Gender (optional)

Note that it is your option to use aliases (not real names) or only the first name and last initial when entering your student information if online privacy is of utmost concern to you. Use of student photos is designed to make it easier for you to identify your students especially in the beginning of a new school year, but if your school has a policy against student photos online, you can substitute other images - or use no photos at all.

The way we use the information

We use the information you enter only for the purpose to make the TrackCC app and website work as designed. We do not share your information with anyone not specifically authorized by you.

We use account email addresses to communicate with our users for site-specific reasons only. We do not send emails for marketing purposes - only for support reasons. Email addresses are never shared with outside parties. We do not use an external email service such as Constant Contact to send emails to you which would require us to export your email address into their system. We do not have access to your password which is stored in an encrypted format on our servers.

How you can correct your information

You can access and correct factual errors in your own information by accessing the “My account” function on the TrackCC app or website. All of your own data and your student data can be edited, modified and deleted at any time. You can further delete all your classes, and also your own account should you no longer wish to use TrackCC.

If you forget your password. you can request a reset password be sent to you via the TrackCC website to the account email address. You can change your password at any time.

Our commitment to data security

All the TrackCC data is stored on servers hosted by Amazon Web Services which maintains the highest levels of physical and digital security in the industry. All access to your data from the TrackCC app and website is secured by the latest HTTPS standards, and TrackCC maintains official security certificates to safeguard against any unauthorized access. We routinely take backup copies of the database for disaster recovery purposes, but store such copies within the secure Amazon Web Services framework that we subscribe to.

Your data is accessible only by those authorized by you, or by knowing the login credentials to your account. Your passwords are encrypted and your data is not discoverable via an internet search. We encourage the use of strong passwords. As a further safeguard, your account will be locked after 10 unsuccessful login attempts and can only be unlocked by contacting us using the account email address.

Note that both the TrackCC app and website will keep you signed in for the convenience of not having to sign in each time you access TrackCC. If you’re concerned about someone having physical access to your device or computer, we encourage you to sign out after each use.

How to contact us

Should you have other questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please send us an email at